The Brotherhood of Saint Cuthbert

The Brotherhood is by far the most influential and powerful religious institution in the realm. They are devoted to the Lawful Neutral god Saint Cuthbert. Their dedication to justice manifests itself largely through their involvement in the judgement of criminals and a continuous crusade against goblinoids.

known members
The Abbot (Leader)
Justicar Dimitri
Brother Matthew

Holy water 25gp/bottle
Potions of cure light wounds 50gp/bottle

The leader of the Brotherhood is The Abbot. The current abbot is jacked and constantly carries a mace and wears plate armor. He is extremely zealous in his mission to eliminate goblinoidsand preaches about it at mass.

Underneath the abbot is a council of six. This is a council consisting of six of the most accomplished members of the brotherhood. The council advises the abbot and each normally specializes in a different mission of the brotherhood (healing, law, killing, etc)

Below the Council is the Justicars. They are the most powerful of the combat oriented brothers. Justicars rarely spend time at the brotherhood, instead undertaking long term missions to eradicate serious threats and spread the faith. A few of the more elderly Justicars work as administrators taking care of the logistics and day to day functioning of the brotherhood.

Most of the members of the brotherhood have the rank of brother. The brothers have a variety of duties depending on their talents such as scholars, healers, preachers, and guards.

The lowest level of the brotherhood are the initiates. These often consist of the poorer members of society but there are also young sons of nobles who are far down in the line of succession and will receive no inheritance. Initiates are assigned to a brother who instructs them in the ways of the brotherhood and assigns them menial work such as cooking and cleaning.

First and foremost the brotherhood seeks to uphold and spread order and justice.
Their drive to preserve order has brought them into conflict with goblinoids who they perceive as inherently chaotic and evil.
The brotherhood is also working to convert the newly arrived halfling refugees through preachers and soup kitchens.

The Brotherhood of Saint Cuthbert

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